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No Sacred Cows  
Toby Young
Thursday 26th April 2012

The biblical plague infesting our schools that is "eduspeak"

As a relative newcomer to the field of education, I’ve only just discovered the online forums of the Times Educational Supplement. Forget the TES, which is to the educational establishment what the Church Times is to Church of England. The forums are the place to go. It’s like being a fly-on-the-wall in the staffroom of a large, inner city comprehensive after the headteacher has departed.

Above stairs, the writers are focused on highfalutin things like policy and research, but below stairs the posters are more concerned with day-to-day matters. I suspect that quite a few of them are English teachers because one of their favourite themes is the misuse of language. (To read more, click here.)

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Re: The biblical plague infesting our schools that is "eduspeak"
Posted by quinie on 26-04-2012 19:37:

Thank you for your largely sympathetic article, but what a missed opportunity. As you 'eavesdropped' on the TES forums you will know that acronyms are the least of our worries. What a pity you chose not to focus on the impossible hoops we teachers are forced to jump through to satisfy unrealistic OFSTED demands. Indeed, there is a whole thread devoted to asinine things OFSTED inspectors have said. You could also have brought to the attention of a wider audience the culture of fear that pervades many of Britain's schools; the impossible workloads; you could have dispelled the notion that all teachers have long work-free holidays; the very high stress levels; the number of teachers leaving the profession because of the workloads and stress and much more.
I'm glad that you listened, but please, there is so much more to say.

Re: The biblical plague infesting our schools that is "eduspeak"
Posted by Toby Young on 27-04-2012 02:53:

Thanks quinie. I may mine it for additional columns in future. Clearly a rich seam.

Re: The biblical plague infesting our schools that is "eduspeak"
Posted by quinie on 27-04-2012 14:51:

yes, a rich seam, but we need someone to take us seriously and to speak for us. The unions don't; management doesn't; the government doesn't. We also feel reviled by the public who has no idea how hard the job is. Use our comments by all means, but please, not to make fun of us.
Thank you.

Re: The biblical plague infesting our schools that is "eduspeak"
Posted by Irascible Old Git on 27-04-2012 15:43:

I know you went to a comprehensive, Toby, but did your sports teacher really run around the field spouting off gibberish about ‘impulse control’ and ‘deferred gratification’?

Re: The biblical plague infesting our schools that is "eduspeak"
Posted by dandelion on 27-04-2012 16:54:

good post quinie.
don't forget the stress caused by all wrongs being laid at teachers'feet. parents must never be blamed for their own shortcomings and inability to exert control over their children of course.

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