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No Sacred Cows  
Toby Young
Thursday 10th January 2019

The unending war against masculinity and men

For the first time in its history, the American Psychological Association (APA) has issued guidelines for mental health professionals working with men and boys. That may not sound like a momentous event, but the APA is a powerful body in the US. It has 117,500 members, including the vast majority of practising psychologists, and an annual budget of $115 million. Its guidance documents carry the imprimatur of scientific authority and are hugely influential when it comes to policies and behaviour in public institutions. This edict will be referred to by university administrators when policing sexual interactions on campus, by the courts when deciding who to award custody to in divorce hearings and by HR departments when assessing complaints about male employees. It’s not an exaggeration to say this new guidance will affect the lives of millions of men and boys for years to come.

I cannot claim to have read the entire 30,000-word document, but I’ve got the gist: masculinity is a bad, bad thing. Traditional male qualities like courage, self-reliance, competitiveness, stoicism, personal ambition and a love of adventure are ‘psychologically harmful’. On the face of it, men and boys might appear to benefit from ‘patriarchy’ — after all, 95.2 per cent of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are men — but in reality the emotional repression needed to maintain this ‘privilege’ exacts a terrible toll. It is the ethical duty of psychologists, as well as parents, teachers, coaches, religious and community leaders, to root out these masculine pathologies and help men become… well, less manly. (To read more, click here.)

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Re: The unending war against masculinity and men
Posted by Kevin Boyle on 12-01-2019 15:16:

Thank you. Every sensible human (man or woman) should share your alarm and horror at the harm that is being wreaked upon western societies.

I don't know if you are a 'believer' or an atheist but it might be worth considering the spiritual aspect of this kind of social engineering.
A large part of our defencelessness against this dark onslaught derives from the fact that our culture no longer holds any kind of 'spiritual' model of man at its self-conscious centre. We are mere machines, electro-chemically generating our chosen identities, all possible variants of should be perceived as equally valid and justified.
Such materialism is promoted by those who understand that they corrupt in order to control.

The satanic "freedom" we are invited to embrace is, in truth, the very opposite of freedom. It is enslavement and the "invitation" is increasingly becoming an order that academia, educators and the rest of the priest class (media/politicians) dare not challenge if they want to continue to enjoy success in their careers. This is a poison that is in the process of infecting all.

The truest model describing what a human being really is was put before us by Emanuel Swedenborg (in my opinion). Swedenborg died in 1772 and towards the end of his astonishing life he claimed that he had spoken to Jesus Christ and was charged with the gift and responsibility of leaving his body at will, visiting the eternal realms (including other earth-like planets in the universe) and reporting back to us, for our better understanding, the spiritual processes driving what we experience as our own thinking and feeling.

Almost every man and woman will naturally, at some point in their development, question their own masculinity or femininity. A negative feeling will invite a thought that might be described as some form of self-negation or self-hatred. Normally we put these thoughts aside, as we are free to do but if the feeling is generated by something deeply problematical or a more extreme memory of trauma then that feeling and the thoughts that accompany it can take hold of a person who, BY HIS/HER OWN SPIRITUAL ACTION continues to foolishly engage with their problem in an effort to solve it ... an action that almost invariably makes any problem worse.
Swedenborg claimed that negative thoughts entered us from attendant demonic spirits in 'hell', while good, loving, self-affirming thoughts and feeling are delivered into our consciousness by angelic beings in 'heaven'. Our actions control the spiritual gateway. We, of ourselves, can fix NOTHING. All good comes from the Divine into us (Read para 302 from Swedenborg's "Heaven and Hell" for this concept in a nutshell)

It seems to me that transsexuals, (for all sorts of reasons) suffering doubt about their sexual identity and in spite of the fact they live in possession of a single, conventional, clearly identifiable set of genitals engage unduly with thoughts delivered from the demonic realms, thoughts CONSCIOUSLY INTENDED to harm (for these are coming from conscious beings) until the person identifies with these thoughts and the hellish illusions implanted in the mind becomes (as Swedenborg describes such processes) a part of their soul's own self-perception.

Society is promoting the demonic. The social engineers at the very top of the processes of implementation understand spiritual process but keep this knowledge from the unwashed masses they are busy trying to control.

This war against manhood is a manifestation of the more general war being waged against the Creator him/her/itself. When Jesus said, "Satan is Prince of this world" he was speaking more than metaphor.

PS (I experienced demonic entities crashing into me through my chest many years ago. I was very unwell for a considerable time by the problem was dealt with by an Exorcist. I KNOW spiritual entities (separate individual centres of awareness and identity, like ourselves) are all around us, are real and engage with us routinely ... though we are very rarely conscious of such 'others'.)

Thank you for your article. At the fundamental, you get it. This is a bad thing that can not only destroy the poor creatures that become possessed of such harmful distortions but this bad thing also truly threatens us all.

Best regards,

Kevin Boyle

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