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No Sacred Cows  
Toby Young

Opinion Pieces

Parkour Training

Watch a video of Toby attempting to do Parkour

The 3.10 to Yuma

How does The 3:10 to Yuma compare to the original?

England, my England

Toby is disappointed with England's recent victory

Ava Maria!

Toby's attempt to hire a housekeeper did not go according to plan

Knocked Up

Is Knocked Up as good as everyone says?

Competitive Dad


Where Are All the Rightwing Playwrights?

Why are there so few rightwing playwrights?

The Year of the Threequel


Intelligence Squared Debate


Children as status symbols

Is a fourth child the ultimate status symbol? Or a perfect excuse to give up?

Slumming It

Can Princess Diana succeed in resurrecting Tina Brown's career?

The End of the Sopranos


After Dinner Disaster

Toby occasionally gets asked to give after-dinner speeches -- with predictably disastrous results

Londoner's Diary


Proud to be Bald


Back to School


The Rise and Fall of the British Accent


Defending Jane

Click here to read Toby's eulogy to Jane Austen in the Sunday Telegraph

Las Vegas: The Power and the Gaudy

Click here to read Toby's tribute to Las Vegas in the Sunday Telegraph

Murder in Shepherd's Bush


The Brown-Noser's Guide to Success


Sundance 07


The Beckhams in LA

Click here to read Toby's advice to the Beckhams on how to survive in LA

The social climber's case for going green


Exit, Stage Right


A bad review can ruin your breakfast, but you shouldn't let it spoil your lunch

Click here to read a Guardian piece by Toby about surviving bad reviews

Simon Cowell is right--sometimes you've just got to accept that you haven't got what it takes


Ever been fired? So have I. Many Times. The secret is to take it on the chin and come out fighting


My interview from hell with Lynn Barber


My Week

Read Toby's piece in the Observer about the difficulties of trying to stage a play about the Royals

Londoner's Diary

Click here to read Toby's Diary in ES about why 25-year-olds can't properly experience a mid-life crisis

The Spectator Party


'Flirt with the young, gorgeous au pair? Me?'


The Sextator

Click here to read Toby's defence of the permissive atmosphere at the Spectator in ES Magazine

My Week

Click here to read a diary Toby did for the Independent on Sunday

The Modern Review: 10 Years On

Click here to find out how Toby felt about meeting Julie Burchill again after 10 years

Membership has its Privileges

A piece for the Evening Standard on why the sale of the Ivy could be a death blow to Toby's social life

Soup in my hair, snotty waiters and a rip off--just another night in London restaurants

An Evening Standard piece on what's wrong with London's top restaurants

Why Spitzer Should Target the Glossy Posse

A Wall St Journal piece on why the New York Attorney General should go after Conde Nast

The Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

A Wall St Journal piece on Graydon Carter's recent difficulties

The Face no longer fits because we're more meritocratic now

Why no amount of cosmetic surgery could save The Face

The reinvention of Tina Brown begins to unravel

An account of Tina Brown's recent trials and tribulations

Action man


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Twitter RT @oldandrewuk: Some people leave Twitter and return so often they might as well have a revolving door fitted.  (3 hours ago)


The shocking truth about Jordan Peterson by Wesley Yang -
The intellectual dark web by Bari Weiss -
How identity politics is harming the sciences by Heather Mac Donald -
The fall of the German Empire by Ross Douthat -
How Tom Wolfe became Tom Wolfe by Michael Lewis - Vanity Fair
The neuro-diversity case for free speech by Geoffrey Miller -
The Age of Outrage by Jonathan Haidt -
The Warlock Hunt by Claire Berlinski -
Is classical liberalism conservative? by Yarom Hazony -
The Implosion of Western Liberalism by Patrick Lee Miller -
The Eton of the East End - Daily Mail
The reactionary temptation by Andrew Sullivan -
The book that scandalised New York intellectuals by Louis Menand -
To understand Britain today, look to the 17th Century by Adrian Wooldridge -
The crisis in France by Christopher Caldwell -
A Visit to Michaela School by Patrick Alexander -
Why parenting may not matter by Brian Boutwell -
Trump Establishment's Cultural Significance Explained by Michael Wolff -
Branching histories of the 2016 referendum by Dominic Cummings -
Putin's Real Long Game by Molly K McKew -
The Flight 93 Election by Publius Decius Mus -
How the education gap is tearing politics apart by David Runciman -
What's wrong with identity politics by Graeme Archer -
Grammars and the grain of truth by Jonathan Porter
Anti-Brexit: Britain's new class war by John O'Sullivan -
The English Revolt by Robert Tombs -
Democracies end when they are too democratic by Andrew Sullivan -
Human beings really are making progress by Steven Pinker -
What ISIS really wants by Graeme Wood -
A society ripe for Submission by Douglas Murray -
Why I'm a Conservative Teacher by Jonathan Porter -
Corbyn's Inconvenient Truth – He wanted the IRA to win -
Why I've become Tory scum by Tony Parsons -
Inside Westminster's free school -
Robert Conquest obit -
Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite – it's so much worse than that -


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